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Call: Ann on 07462 445345 or Liz on 07709 284354


Are you fully insured?

Doggy Tired is insured for public liability, loss or theft of keys, injury to animals and personal accident.

What happens if a dog is ill or injured?

We are first aid trained so we can attend to minor injuries and ailments. With anything more serious whilst your dog is in our care your dog would be taken to the nearest vet and you would be notified immediately.

Do you provide service in all weathers?

We walk the dogs in all weathers except when it gets very hot. On warm days we reduce their exercise, provide plenty of water and the dogs have the opportunity to spend time in the paddling pools. We also use sprays and cooling jackets for those dogs that find the heat uncomfortable (Pugs and Bulldogs). We love taking dogs out in the rain and they love getting mucky. We use our portable showers to return the dogs home clean.

What are your pickup and drop off procedures?

 We collect your dog from your house and it is transported in our van which is equipped with cages, bedding and water. The van has heating and air conditioning. Your dog will either be placed in a cage or placed in the main part of the van. When your dog is returned home clean and tired, we will follow your instructions on where to leave it.

Where will you walk my dog?

 We have a secure field where the dogs can run and play safely. There are paddling pools, a stream to cool off in, obstacles to climb and jump over and lots of toys to play with. We are also able to provide 1:1 walks for those dogs who are nervous or reactive and would prefer a quiet walk in the countryside. 

 Will the same person walk my dog?

 Consistency is good for your dog and your own peace of mind. During a meet and greet (which is scheduled before service begins), we will observe your dog’s behaviour and make sure that it is happy and relaxed with us before taking it out on a trial walk. We are a team of three and the dogs have the same walker all the time.


43 Halton Road, Lancaster

49 Vernon Crescent, Galgate


Ann: 07462 445345

Liz: 07709 284354