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“A highly recommended dog walking service; safe, reliable, trust worthy and just fantastic.”

-Sharon, Lancaster 

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Getting Clean

 Cooling Off

Fun with rings



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Making Friends


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Doggy Tired

We are not just a business, we are a family of dog lovers. The daily videos and pictures posted on our Facebook page helps our customers see the fun their dogs are having. With over a thousand followers it’s a great place to share and talk about all things to do with dogs.

Woof to Wellbeing

Dogs are at the centre of everything we do. Exercise and enrichment activities are vital for the physical and mental wellbeing of a dog. Here at Doggy Tired Your dog has ample opportunity to sniff, chase, explore and paddle in pools and puddles. Getting mucky is all part of the fun.  Your dog will come home to you well and truly ‘Doggy Tired’.

What to look for in a dog walker



Organisational skills





Great customer service

Excellent relationship with your dog


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Ann: 07462 445345


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