Why Choose Doggy Tired?

Here at Doggy Tired we are far more than a dog walking business, we are a dog loving community. Our customers are very loyal and supportive of all that we do. Our Doggy Tired Facebook is a place where we can all enjoy videos and photos of our beautiful dogs having fun. As a family run business we work hard to provide a professional, caring and reliable service to our customers. We pride ourselves in being flexible and tailoring our service to suit the needs of our clients. When you choose our service we have an initial meeting with you to gather as much information about your dog; making sure you are totally confident in entrusting your precious dog to us. Over 150 customers have done just that in the past 6 years. You can rest assured that your dog is in safe hands. 

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Good quality exercise

Here at Doggy Tired we understand that with busy work schedules, it’s not always possible to give a dog the exercise it needs. When you choose us we can be trusted to ensure that your dog will have lots of opportunities to play, run, sniff, paddle and dig. Good play means good socialisation and good exercise combats anxiety. Lack of exercise and mental stimulation can lead to attention seeking and destructive behaviours. Your dog will be returned to you happy, relaxed and ‘Doggy Tired’

From £12 a walk. We offer subsidies to registered disabled at £10.

Socialising and stimulation

At Doggy Tired we take great care in making sure dogs are well socialised and interact appropriately with each other. We want all our dogs to be happy and confident to be able to communicate effectively within the pack. We reward good behaviours and discourage unwanted ones. We have a lot of experience of working with anxious and reactive dogs.

From £12 a walk

Home from home boarding

 Doggy Tired is licensed with Lancashire County council for home boarding. We offer this service to all of our customers. We live in a large Victorian house with plenty of room for the dogs to explore and find their special, comfy place. They are treated like our own dogs and enjoy every home comfort.  We love taking the dogs for walks in nearby woods and swimming in the river or playing on the beach. Whilst you enjoy your holidays, you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is enjoying his at the Doggy Tired hotel.

Starting from £25 per day

Excellent care givers, Ann and Dave are top class people who go above and beyond to care for the dogs they look after. I can’t recommend them enough. Fabulous doesn’t come close”

-Alison, Lancaster

“I cannot praise and thank Ann and Dave of Doggy Tired highly enough, for the kindness and care shown to my little Monty. There is no other company that offers the high standard that Doggy Tired does. I highly recommend it. ”

-Rosie, Lancaster.

“Beautiful family run business who love your pet as if it were their own. Liz, Ann and Dave are all wonderful and would highly recommend their services.”

-Tasha, Lancaster


Ann; 43 Halton Road , Lancaster

Liz; 49 Vernon Crescent, Galgate



Ann: 07462 445345


 Liz: 07709 284354


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